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Oh, Griffin is at my absolute favorite age. He is yummy yummy and I could eat him all up. Have I mentioned that Griffin is absolutely hilarious? I wish I could be more like him. He loves everyone and everyone loves him--sorta like his father...just so darn likable, it can be annoying;) Me, on the other hand...well I have to work at being likable. I think I take a little time to grow on people!! Anyway, this post isn't about me...Griffin deserves his own happy post.

Griff is at the totally-obsessed-with-two-things age. Parker went through this at this point too. I hope everybody's kids do this. I really, really hope that it isn't just genetics playing out here. Because I really hope they didn't inherit my obsessive nature. Arghhhh....there I go again--all about me! I could have written this entire post about Griffin in two words:

Goggy = Doggy
Ballball = Ball

Griffin believes that every ball is his and he must have it. Now. Or else. We saw cantaloupes in the grocery store the other day and he had a mini-fit over not being aloud to touch. Intense, I tell you.

When Griffin finally woke up out of his post-seizure slumber on Monday, he opened his eyes, took a look at Joel's shirt and yelled....


Yeah, I was hoping that he would look deep into my eyes and whisper a "mama" or something. But no, goggy has taken over. But what can I expect at this age? He'll grow out of it and soon I will again be the love of his life.....;)

p.s. Parker took this picture with my camera today...in addition to the other 70+ photos:) Didn't he do a nice job?


Anonymous said...

Parker did a great job taking the picture of Griffin. I heart those two boys so much.


jen said...

I'm so glad to hear that Griffin's doing better!

Yes, ALL of my children have been obsessed with various objects at one time or another--not like pacifiers or blankies either, but very random objects.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is getting so big and he's soo cute. Glad to see he's doing better.

I must say that I can identify with you in the first part of your post, too. Sometimes I feel like I have to work at being likable and I wish it wasn't that way. My best friend, her name is Amy, too, is really bubbly and I was always envious of her because everyone seemed so drawn to her because she just seems to like everyone and they like her.

Wendy said...

He is growing up so fast! I'm glad to hear he is doing better too.

Aleah said...

Can't wait to meet 1 year old Griffin and 3 year old Parker soon!

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