time well spent....

I've had some people ask me when I'll start blogging more frequently again. Well, I'm not sure. You see, I used to blog partly to help me manage stress and anxiety...which was great. But now, I'm feeling so good and blogging is just fun now. I don't NEED it anymore. Sorta sad that I needed it for a while! What have I been doing instead? Taking care of myself in different ways...napping, reading books, exercising, eating better. It feels good to take care of myself. It is definitely time well spent.

And speaking of time well spent...took the boys to the dentist today. I took them to a great pediatric dentist here to try and avoid the major anxiety their mama has about going to the dentist. I hope it works. This place was awesome...pretty much like a kid's dream! However, since I took the boys at 11:30 (right before naps and lunch) and Griff had a poopy diaper, the experience still was par for the course:) I'm not sure why I didn't plan this appointment for a day when Joel and I could have tag-teamed it. Perhaps I thought I could hold two nervous children... and two balloons... all while capturing the exams on camera? Nope, not Super Woman!

But Parker is totally Superman! I was so proud of Parker. He was very nervous, but trying to be brave!


Aleah said...

We've had all but Ella in so far! It's nice to know that everything is "clear"!
Good job Parker for putting up with your mouth being invaded by a bunch of rubber hands! : )

Amy, I didn't think you were posting infrequently?
Glad you're still enjoying it. It's fun to stay in touch through pictures this way! Otherwise I'd still be picturing Griffin as a 5 month old! (is that how old he was?)
I go through phases of blogging. I find it amusing, and fun to look back...just even a year ago! How time flies and what a great way to capture some of the moments...

PS: Thanks for introducing me 2 years ago. : )

From the Woodlands said...

Wow, what a BIG boy Parker was! You can see a bit of anxiety on his face in the first picture, way to go Parker! : )

Hi, to the both of you btw!


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