I am very thankful that I didn't know much about this rafting trip beforehand!

Recently, Joel went rafting with most of the guys in his family. It was an all day adventure...full of risk and adrenaline. They truly had the time of their lives! But it really was one of those days that I was quite thankful to be a girl--and not to be invited. I enjoy skiing and hiking and such, but I was not born with the desire to risk my life in the name of adventure! I really don't think that terms like "fatal swim" and "class 5 rapid" sound fun... I also hate being cold and it just happened to be snowing that day. Fun!

However, I'm so glad that the guys were able to quench their adventurous spirit and that they told me about the level of danger after the fact:) Aren't these pictures amazing?


Tammy said...

Those pics are so neat! I guarantee if you went sometime you would have so much fun. I've gone 6 times and it's one of my favorite things ever. Even my mom has gone and liked it! Though I suppose some people might say all this about bungee-jumping and skydiving (both of which would literally give me a heart attack), so I guess we each have our own crazy limit...but I really do think you'd have fun. :)

Becoming Me said...

FUN! I love WWR!! I haven't been since I became a mommy though

Aleah said...

Looks like fun...for them!!

I don't think I could do it...
Philip was talked to about going skydiving.
They wouldn't even be able to get me into a small plane!

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