sweatpants and HGTV

I could think of no other title for this random, slightly uninteresting post!

So Parker has entered the stage of caring about what he wears. I knew that girls start this sort of thing earlier, but I really didn't think Parker would ever get to that. He always wants to wear his soccer shirts or guitar shirt...or his plain white t-shirts that look just like Daddy's. But now he just wants to wear sweatpants all of the time. Sweatpants?! He's very adamant that he doesn't want to wear his pajama pants--he wants his sweats! Okey dokey. He only had one pair that fit him so we went out this morning and stopped at Children's Place. If he has to wear sweats, I want them to be cool:) They were having a super-duper sale and got a couple really cheap. I especially like the camo.

We're hooked!! We're fairly new to satellite/cable TV and we literally just discovered HGTV. I'm not really sure how it happened, but Joel and I end up watching this stuff after the kids go to bed quite often! We're so close to starting construction on our unfinished basement and I guess we're just in that mode of thinking. I am so excited to have the opportunity to design it just how we want it to be for our family. And even more, I'm really looking forward to having twice the living space. We just need to get it done so we can stop watching all of this HGTV:)


Anonymous said...


I am up at all hours of the night these days with the new babe and I have also recently started watching HGTV. Anyway, I am hooked. That is too funny!

Good luck with your basement.

Jamie C.

Ginainchina said...

I only dress winston in sweats (my choice!!) ha ha - cause he is ya know, a little thick around the waist and I just feel like its cruel to make him have tight jeans on or something :) anyway - i agree, children's place sweats are the best! sometimes after i dress him i think - gosh, i wish i could pull off such a comfortable outfit everyday! So cute about parker wanting to be like his dad!

Wendy said...

Love HGTV!!!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Love, love, love HGTV. We are thoroughly addicted too. =)

I think its hysterical that Parker is so into how he's dressed. Devyn still isn't at that stage yet, where she insists on a certain outfit. But I can tell when she really loves something she's wearing. She won't stop twirling in it. =)

Love you!

Kati said...

We're a sweats family here too. Not only is Kallen so tiny around the waste that most jeans don't fit him, but sweats make it a little easier to "move and groove" throughout the day.

I'm with you though...cool sweats are a must!!!

jen said...

The Children's Place is my absolute favorite store for kids' clothes! They're having a GREAT sale right now. We were just there.

My husband is working on our basement, too. We really need twice the living space, because we have all 4 kids in one room. :{ Too bad we don't get HGTV. It sounds like fun.

Aleah said...

Mr. Hayden was and is like that too, the fashion king!

Sounds so fun to begin construction on your basement! You know I never did take a peek down there.

Have a Good New Year's Eve/Day!

Sarah said...

Is there a book recommendation you can give me on DYI basement finishes? We're always looking at ways to save money and learn new things as a couple. And I'm right with you about doubling our living space! I'll give you a call soon.
Love, Sarah

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