2008 * If only....

...I could write my family's 2008 resolutions for them:)

*Joel* will play as much soccer as possible because it makes him so happy--and I can't resist a man in soccer shorts...he he:)

*Parker* poop in the potty every time, continue to charm the ladies with his percussion skills, and wake up on the right side of the toddler bed...more often!

*Griffin* will try his darnedest to stop eating things he shouldn't, stay out of the toilet, walk proficiently, and use his dimples for something other than mischief!

Oh, and my resolutions not as fun to write for myself.. and I have too many to list. But here is one to document: I am going to be a healthier Amy by the end of the year. I'm not talking about looking good in jeans or being able to lift a whole bunch of weight (which would be cool), but this year has been a doozy as far as how I'm taking care of myself and my health has suffered. I have plans to make small changes and hopefully not be sick as often.


Anonymous said...

Great new years resolutions :) Happy New Years


Anonymous said...

Those sound great, Ame!


I seriously like your personal one - that is something we have in common. Just needing a tune up in the area of self-care!

jen said...

I thought about doing that, too. I'm going to start with faithfully taking a daily vitamin, drinking more water and going to bed earlier--not tonight, though, because it's already past midnight. Oh well.

Elise said...

Oh, goodness - more tea splattered across my computer screen at *poop in the potty every time*! :)
Your desires for your family are precious, Amy- and I pray your challenge to yourself is fulfilled - Mama must take care of herself, so the others may be cared for as well!

Sandy said...

That is great - writing goals for the fam. I agree - can't resist my hubby in soccer shorts either! :)
Happy New Year Amy - take care of yourself.

Aleah said...

That would be one of mine for myself also....last year was bad for me health wise also (minor things).

I can't even imagine Griffin walking! Last time we saw him he was a sleepy little guy!

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