who did that?

So I have one question...who in the world invented the whole time change idea?! Why do we have to have standard time and daylight savings time? Blah! Whoever they were must not have had children. Don't they know that this messes up everything? My kids wake up pretty early, around 6 am. Occasionally they wake up at a quarter till six. This is okay with me most of the time because once we hit the fives, it is officially doable for me. HOWEVER, since the time change, we've had two mornings of 4:45 am!!! Not good. Not good at all. Yes, I believe waking up in the fours is ungodly....sorry dad:)

I'm sure that my kids will adjust fairly soon, but until then...I'm going to vent my anger toward that inventor! Or maybe I could just choose a better attitude? :)


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

I completely understand where you're coming from! On a brighter note though, the kids are going to bed earlier. *Sigh* And then we get to do this all over again in the spring...

Sarah said...

I agree, I agree! I like having more light in the evening, so I think we should keep the "old" time. Do you think if enough of "us" petitioned, we'd get our way?:)

Julie said...

You are better than me... when Emily was that age, I could do 7's but not 6's -- 6:59am did me in! :) ha! Now that we have to be up for school... I'd take 6:59 :) Hang in there... ~Julie

jen said...

Yes, I hear you, and we do it on a Saturday night, too--not very convenient for those of us who have to be out the door for church on Sunday! We've had a couple of 5:00 a.m. mornings, too! Hang in there.

Amy said...

amy! sorry about the early mornings... that reminds me of NEWBORN hours! anyways, ok, so have you been to that new coffee shop across from the park near your house? its called "little garden something" darn! i cant remember the name of it now! but it has a play corner for kids and so it would be the perfect coffee date w/ a friend and their kids sorta place... have you been there yet? good coffee too!

Jennisa said...

It's happeneing over here in SD too!

Can you send me your mailing address at jennisajoy@juno.com - for Christmas cards, ya know!

Kati said...

I hear ya! We've had a few late nights, then Daylight Savings, and now the kiddos are all thrown off! Eventually things will get back to normal...right???

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