strange packages of hope :)

Within the span of 24 hours this past weekend, Parker made some big leaps and was able to make me feel like I might be doing something right every now and then! First he asked for a chicken nugget and then ate it. This is just huge...because he hasn't eaten a chicken nugget in almost 2 years. It is embarrassing, but I almost cried. The next morning, he asked if he could poop on the potty and then sat up there on the throne like he's been doing it for years!

If someone would have told me three years ago that I'd be posting this type of thing on the web, I would have been mortified. But...here I am. I'm not ashamed to admit that little victories like this make me feel like I could do anything. Little glimpses of hope can come in very strange packages:)


Jennisa said...

OH AMY! If I were Parker's momma, I would have teared up too! Eating a chicken nugget is such a HUGE accomplishment for him! And, 'goin' on the potty chair...great for him!

Wish I had luck with the chicken nugget, but so far nothing....

Ginainchina said...

WOW !! thats so wonderful!! :) i am sooo impressed that he just up and decided to poop on the potty!! tell me all your tricks!! love, gina

Sarah said...

Horray Parker! And horray Amy! I'm convinced that potty training is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in motherhood, but when you finally do have some progress, it's just blissful!

Aleah said...

It is funny how we can find the biggest joy in our kids pooping on the toilet! I'm still awaiting that renewed joy with Ella. : )

From the Woodlands said...

That's so great! : ) Way to go Parker! (I have a BIG smile on my face right now!)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Parker


Patriot said...

Your little family is too cute!

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Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Ok, that cracks me up! =) Strange packages of hope indeed. Go Parker! So excited for you guys. What a HUGE step for him. Just think, next time we see each other, he'll be eating all sorts of food. [Now if we can just get Devyn potty-trained by the time we see you next.]

Miss you...

Liz said...

You are right, as a mom hope can come in all kinds of forms. :) I say praise God for any type of hope no matter how strange it may seem! :)

Those are great things to rejoice about. My Ryan was not potty trained until he was almost 4!! Let me tell you there were tears shed, shouts of joy (and maybe even a dance), when he finally did get it! Oh the joys of motherhood! :)

Way to go Parker! :)

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