our latest food project...

Well, it was sort of sticky. In the orange juice sort of way:)

Parker playing with his orange wedgie boats. This was one of the more successful projects. I actually got him to put it into his mouth and suck the juice out. Score!

Oh, and looky here....Griffin eating ummmm...my phone charger. Of course. I love the taste of those. Don't you?!


Anonymous said...

They are getting SO big!!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving, Amy!!! Hope it's full of hugs & snuggles with your boys!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Yeah Parker! That is wonderful news, you've come a long way kiddo! =) Today oranges, tomorrow hotdogs?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Parker :) Auntie Vicky have a special treat for you
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!Love you


Aleah said...

Good job Parker! I even gag sometimes when I eat the stringy stuff on oranges! ; )
Look at that smile on Griffin, he knows he's being silly!

nidhi5282 said...

Griffin, has got smiles from you amy. He just makes me smile each time I see his pic. I am reading your blog b4 he was born, and seriouly love to read about you.

Have you ever asked your mom what you have done when you were a kid?? I am sure she must be having much more to say. Like mumma like boys:)

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