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We spent the weekend with family across the mountains. We made special trip over to meet our new niece, Miss Avree Jean! She's two weeks old and just beautiful. I love watching new parents with their little ones. I think it is so amazing how life can change in an instant when a new baby is born. I love it! Congratulations to Aubree and Derek!

Parker was so proud to be able to hold little Avree. This picture totally cracks me up. Check out Griff trying to be so cool because he's a whole 8 months older...:)

And Parker got to hang out with his older cousins, Sean and Mattison. Sean is his idol. Sean is everything. Sean'sthe bomb! Parker even has dreams about him. This past weekend, Parker realized a dream...he slept in Sean's cool bed. Oh my!

And now we're back home and trying to get back to normal. Funny thing is, whenever I try to get back to normal, I suddenly realize normal has changed. Ha! Out of necessity (vacation, illness, etc.), I've let some things slide and been pretty lax regarding discipline with myself and my children. I'm actually enjoying adding a little bit of routine and order to our lives. Not too much though:)


Anonymous said...

We're glad we got to see you guys :) Lunch was fun
we;ll have to try to do it more often. Take care & love you guys


Katy said...

Awww..how cute! Congrats to them!!! A new baby is soo exciting! Your boys are too cute as well! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Griffin is hilarious in that picture! :) Glad you got to see the new baby! I'm jealous! We miss you guys...

Kyle & Jenni

jen said...

Cute picture of your boys! It looks like they might enjoy a "new little life to love"! I hear Colbie Caillat singing here...check out my sister's blog:


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Hee hee! Griffin looks like such a stud in that picture. It's as though he's saying, "How chill am I?!" =) Too cute. And now that I've met and held them, it makes me miss you guys all the more.

Avree is just too beautiful for words. Congrats on the new niece. And enjoy life as it evolves into a new normal for you. =)

Aleah said...

Parker looks so giddy in the bottom picture! And Griffin, I can't believe how much older his face looks!
Glad you guys felt well enough to make it over!

Dana said...

There is something about new babies that anchors you and helps you keep your priorities straight.

And when it is your first, it changes the whole way you look at the world.

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