a much needed thursday 13

I once had this naive, totally ridiculous, uninformed thought that my life would slow down once I became a stay at home mom. Seriously, I didn't tell people that, but I actually believed it a little bit. Oh, dear... can you believe that? I am 10 times busier now and not just as far as activities go...my brain doesn't stop. This week has been busier than normal. A very good busy, but I really feel like I need to sit down and reflect just a bit. So, thirteen lovely things about this week...

-Some good talks with my husband.
-Our small group starting up again for the year. I love this group...they are our church family and I feel like we're home again.
-The real Parker (the one who is nice to me, sweet, and talks instead of screams:) is back.
-Much needed talks with my parents.
-This passage in scripture...He let me catch my breath.
-Griffin delighting me with his non-stop jabber. I think that once he really starts talking--he won't stop. He's a yapper!
-Learning things about myself. Okay, so this one is good only after the lesson is learned!
-Spending more time with my brother, sister-in-law and their kiddos...Parker and Audrey in the bathtub. So funny!
-Spending time with my friend, Gina and her son, Winston.
-Girls night out! I go out once a month with some really fun girls. None of the others have kids yet and we're all in different stages of life...it is so refreshing to chat and hang out with them. -Can't wait till next month!
-I saw the first signs of fall coming...a yellow leaf in the park. I'm so excited!
-It is Jenn's birthday today and she is altogether lovely:) Jenn, Happy Birthday! You are loved!

For more lists, visit Thursday Thirteen.


Munchkin Land said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting! That was so sweet of you! I'm glad this week is going so good for you. Its nice when everything lines up well, huh?!

Sandy said...

Hi Amy,
Love this post. I love to sit and reflect - for me it's usually in the early morning hours when the sun is rising.
Happy Weekend!

Aleah said...

Sounds like a fun week! Glad Parkers back and that you were able to have many days of fun with friends and family!

Have a good weekend!

Love, Aleah

Amy said...

thanks for getting back to me about the book! and now i have another question about nursing, but maybe i'll have to find your email? im gonna look. glad you got some time to breath today, dont you feel desperate for it at times?!?!

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