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Recently my blog was recognized for containing posts that exemplify fruits of the spirit. I can't tell you how humbled I felt when I received the email. God's timing is so funny. The email came yesterday and let me tell you...I wasn't feeling so "fruity". Thank you to the person who nominated me! As Amanda would say, someone was obviously thinking about how to give more life.

I was actually really shocked because I sometimes can't see the fruit. The funny thing is that if you're looking for a blog with lots of spiritual wisdom and great teaching about God's word, I'm not your girl. I read and love blogs like that, but I have found that isn't who I am. I've actually tried to blog like this before and it never works out...sometimes I delete the posts and sometimes blogger does it for me:) But this is what I do...I try to share life experiences--MY real life experiences. And some weeks, this might mean a bunch of pictures of my boys or accounts of our some of our family happenings or maybe even a rant about a naughty little boy. I also try to share about struggles and joys I'm experiencing. I like to share about these things as they are happening, when I can document some authentic feelings. I try to do this instead of sharing about a lesson learned after the fact, when I could doctor it all up to be a pretty little package. Make sense? Because my life isn't a pretty little package; I'm a work in progress and I hope that this comes out loud and clear!

Thank you! I have been so blessed...

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Munchkin Land said...

Congratulations!!! =) Amy, if anyone is deserving of this award, it's you! You exemplify a woman who is striving to be God's best, and shares the successes and failures along the way. Its beautiful... really! Congrats again!

Carrie said...

I admire how in all your posts you keep it real. If all we did was brag on our blogs I don't think anyone would read them. I love to record memories and milestones - especially in the form of pictures, but when it comes to laying myself out there, I rarely can find the words the way you do. So often, after reading one of your posts, I find myself saying, I totally get that, or I feel the same way. It really helps me acknowledge some issues that I struggle with and give me encouragement to lean on God for the strength to improve.
This award is well deserved!

Wendy said...

Congrats! I know what you mean about blogging. We all have different gifts and the amazing thing is God can use us just as we are in ways we never thought possible. You never know how what you write might impact someone else, even when that wasn't your intent.

You are a bright shining star!

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