updates coming soon!

Updates coming soon...check back here to find out if your guess was right!:)


Munchkin Land said...

Ok, so I know you said your sister wouldn't update the blog until tonight but I find myself checking in at least once an hour. I hope all is well with the family; I can't wait to hear the wonderful news!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new baby! I cheated and called my brother because I knew he would hear when your little one had arrived. I'm thrilled that everyone is doing well. I'm being careful here not to give away details, as I know Kelsey will enjoy letting everyone know of her new neice/nephew :) But, I'm just so thrilled for your new family of four... and so glad everyone is healthy. Praising God with you! -- I LOVE THE NAME!! ~Julie

Kati said...

Well, I just talked to Lyndzie because I couldn't wait any longer!!! I am so excited for the four of you, and can't wait to meet little __________! I love the name by the way! I bet Parker is so excited to be a big brother!

Anonymous said...

We at LATCH are so excited to hear about the baby.... congratulations to all of you! Need Details!!
xo Katie, Sue and Gary

Aleah said...

I've been checking many times today also.
The suspense!
Sounds like everything went well!

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