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Wow...and I'm feeling my nerves really come into play. Today was a tough day for me emotionally and physically. First of all, I didn't sleep much last night at all. I felt like a zombie this morning...and all day. We spent 4 hours at the hospital this morning doing a bunch a pre-surgical stuff, including an amniocentesis. I have to say that it was pretty scary for me and I hope to not have to do that again. It wasn't that it was so painful, but I was terrified when I saw that needle go into my uterus right above my baby's head. We did get to see that our babe has some hair! I hope he or she has hair like Parker's...he has the best hair. After the amnio, I felt pretty crampy and had a little bit of a hard time walking around. Then I had to get a Rhogam shot. Shots aren't terrible, just not fun. Then, I went over for a non-stress test for baby. Baby seemed a bit excited about the amnio, as well as the little one couldn't stop moving. But all is well and the nurses seemed pleased. And then, I went to a meeting to sign a ton of forms and talk about the surgery for way too long. And finally, I went to two more places for some blood work. I really don't mean to complain, but I was so exhausted and started to feel like a piece of meat with all the needles and stuff.

When we got home, I started crying because everything is starting to feel so real. I need to just keep focusing on the fact that we get to meet our baby very soon and not think about the things that scare me. I feel quite embarrassed that I'm nervous about this and it is sort of hard to admit. Tons of people do this everyday. I know that in my case, having a c-section is the safest way (for both of us) for the baby to be born and I'm so thankful for modern medicine. It isn't the pain involved in surgery that scares me; it is the fact that my abdominal cavity will be wide open and there are some very important organs in there:) I don't know...I'm just rambling along here. Basically, I'm a bit scared and I feel silly about it.

I also need to just be done talking about it. I'm sorry if you've called and I haven't responded. I just need to lay low right now. I am so excited to introduce our little one to all of our friends and family after he/she makes the big appearance! At this point, we're thinking that we'd love visitors in the hospital, so please just call and come on by. Let me know if you want to know where we'll be. If you're interested, check back here on Wednesday evening to see who we've added to our family! My sister will either be updating this blog or her own: Daring To Dream.

Please keep us in your prayers during the next couple of days. The delivery is scheduled for Wednesday at 7:30 am! We will post some pictures as soon as we can.

Oh, and I thought that I was done posting pictures of my belly, but I thought I'd add one last one to have on record what I looked like two days before D-day:)


Vicky said...

2 days to go, can't wait!!Even though we are not there with you, we will be thinking of you
Looking forward to Lazy Bones.Can't wait to meet him/her :) Take care & love you


Cousin Jenni said...

Hi Amy!!

I was in Spokane last weekend for work and had planned on visiting you, but then decided you probably wouldn't be up for company. After reading this post, I think I made the right decision. :)

I am so excited for you and Joel and can't wait to meet the new little one!!!

You will be in my thoughts and prayers on Wednesday morning!

Love ya! Jenni

Wendy said...

Hi Amy, Don't feel silly about being nervous. I think that is perfectly normal. I've had 3 c-sections, so I can completely relate. It is really amazing how quickly it is done, before you know it you will be meeting your baby. Spend today resting and casting all your anxiety on the Lord. I wrote your name down and I will be praying for you today and tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing the good news!

Stacey said...

I wrote you on my calendar so I will be praying intensely for you over the next 24 hours!!! You are going to be amazing!
It's okay to be scared, just know that our Heavenly Father has you in his loving, tender arms!!

Amy Rap said...

amy, wow! tomorrow is your big day! (im writing this on tuesday) i can see why you would be nervous, how odd to know "tomorrow my baby will be born at 7:30am!" i hope you can sleep tonight my friend! i'll be praying for you :) as a mama who has just pulled out of the first 2-3 months, you have lots to look forward to... having that baby pulled out and put in your arms makes it all worth it! c-section or not :) all your fears will be layed to rest. cant wait to see pictures and hear about it!

Aleah said...

I'd be feeling the exact same way you are. I'm glad your sharing everything! I had no idea you had to go in the day before and get tests done before the actual delivery day.
You'll be in our prayers too!
I hope that through everyones prayers you'll feel a sense of complete calmness all the way through. : )

Love, Aleah

From the Woodlands said...

Our prayers are with you and Joel, Amy.
Infact, tommorrow morning at my Bible Study we will say a prayer for you...

Love, Laurie : )

Anonymous said...

You are not silly to feel scared. I was laying in the hospital bed in full on labor with Hannah and crying... and not because of pain, but because it's a sense of feeling completely overwhelmed with practically every emotion in the book... it's awesome, it's an amazing experience, but also overwhelming.
I'm looking forward to reading the news of your little lazy bones being in the world.
You are all in my prayers.

Rebekah said...

Hi Amy,

I know that we have never actually met but I have been quietly reading the past months (I am friends with Aleah and that is how I found you) I just had my first c-section last summer and know the fear and nervousness you are feeling, you are certainly NOT crazy for feeling it. I will have you in my prayers tomorrow morning and am so excited for your growing family!
Oh and ps. I had my guy 5 weeks early and was like 5 times bigger than you so no fair you are georgeous!

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