a special day

We decided to go get our pictures taken the day before Griffin was born. We just wanted to do something fun and capture the moment before our family changed. It was actually a lot of fun and it is neat to be able to look back on that day! It is hard to imagine that this was just a week and a half ago--things are so different now! There are many more cute shots of Parker, but these are a few that I really like today...tomorrow it will be different, I suppose:)


Jenni said...

Cute pictures Amy!! What a great idea! Parker is growing up so fast...

Dan said...

That is awesome - great idea. Great shots.

Vicky said...

Beautiful pictures :) My little Parker is getting so big


AndiMae said...

Such cute pictures! And I love the one of Parker touching your belly :) I'm hoping we can get some cute ones of Audrey and me pregnant too!

Jen said...

Amy! I love the pictures! What a great idea! How is everything going? I'm home with my mom this weekend, but would love to plan a day to get together soon! Let me know...even if it's a day that I come and help you clean...I'm in! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Aleah said...

Those are really great pictures. Such a good idea to do that the day before!

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea! They are priceless and such a treasure. Thanks for sharing those :) ~Julie

Grant said...

you are the only pregnant woman i know that would allow someone to take her pciture the day BEFORE THE BABY IS BORN!!! AHHH!! !:) but of course you are one of few that LOOK GREAT the DAY BEFORE THE BABY IS BORN!!! :) HA HA. you're an inspiration for me. love the pics. I might do that if i have another baby and like... hm... 6 months along. HE he. love, gina

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