Griffin...doing what he does best:)

I don't think I saw Griffin's eyes until about 6 pm today! I remember reading about newborn babies that slept 23 hours a day and I thought the books were lying. Nope. This little guy is special in that I have to wake him up to feed him. Parker was on the other end of the spectrum---he slept for about 14 hours a day and I never had to wake him up to feed him...he let me know! I know that Griffin is hungry when he starts to snort! I'm a lucky mama because I have both an easy toddler and an easy infant!

My recovery hasn't been so easy. Both the surgery and recovery from the incision have been a breeze. However, I got a stomach bug while in the hospital that I still am fighting and my anemia has become really bad after the blood-loss in surgery. Today was a pretty good day, but I have been discouraged by the setbacks.

I thought we were doing so well during our first 1/2 day home alone without supervision (my mom or Joel!) and then Parker tripped head first into the coffee table. Blood everywhere. Me nursing Griffin and trying to figure out what to do. Parker screaming. A beautiful sight! I guess this is just an introduction to what life is like with two!

All joking (and blood) aside, I really love it!


Aleah said...

Ahh yes that's when everything happens, when your nursing!
Poor Ella sometimes had to nurse while I walked around the house and tended to problems. She would be looking up at me with a confused look.
Glad you didn't have to rush out for stitches with a hungry baby!

We had snorters too, the boys.

Hope you feel even better tomorrow!

Love, Aleah

AndiMae said...

Finally Blogger is letting me comment! For some reason every time I tried to comment on the last post, it would never post...

Keep sharing pictures!! I love seeing my new little nephew! He is so beautiful, and I love those lips :)

And I have been praying for you all week, knowing that Joel had to go back to work yesterday. I can't believe that I am going to be in the same position (home alone with two little ones) in just four months! Yikes! But you are doing awesome- you're the Sunny D Mom remember- you are a super star :)

Love you!

P.S. Have you tried the sling with Griffin yet? I am so curious to hear how it works for you...it seems like that would be an easy way to nurse and like Aleah said, "tend to problems around the house"...

AndiMae said...

P.P.S. Geesh. I didn't mean to write a book! Next time I will just email you all my blabbering :)

Vicky said...

Beautiful picture of Griffin
Hope Parker is doing better.See you guys this weekend


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