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So... if you aren't interested in reading about the last weeks of this pregnancy or about babies, then I would stop right now and discontinue reading my blog until normalcy is established in my brain:) Totally kidding, but I just wanted to warn people about this condition of mine and that it isn't going to change anytime soon. I have 20 days or less left until I meet this little baby...whoa. Am I ready? Well, we have everything set up and have the major things we needed to purchase: a double stroller, a sling, a BundleMe, etc. But as far as emotionally being ready to have two kids? Nope...not at all, but this baby is coming whether I am ready or not!

I'm at that stage of pregnancy. You know, that stage....everything hurts from the extra weight I'm carrying around, I run into everything, I can think of nothing else but getting him/her out, I only want to eat cookies, I need Joel to help me tie my shoes, I am winded by climbing up our four stairs or taking a shower...it really is so glamorous.

I had my 36 week OB appointment today. I was quite excited for the appointment because I thought my doc would be able to tell me if I was progressing at all and that we'd be able to talk more about the surgery and such. However, the doctor was running about an hour and 40 minutes late. I was so frustrated because Joel had walked over from work to watch Parker and he will now have to work much later because of the time he took to spend at the OB office. And Parker was missing his nap...which is really never a good thing. Since the doctor was running late, I literally spent five minutes with him and we weren't able to talk about the things I wanted to. He actually is a great doctor and the only reason he is late all of the time is because he is so chatty with his patients. This time, though, I think he was realizing how late he was and he hurried through my appointment. Thankfully, my weight, blood pressure, and baby's heart rate are just fine. I have to go in twice next week because he scheduled me for an ultrasound since the baby is measuring about 4 weeks behind. I'm really not worried about it, though. Parker always measured behind and I've gained the exact same amount of weight and look about the same as I did with him and he was very healthy. As much as I look forward to seeing our little baby again on the ultrasound screen, I'm really not looking forward to the torture of having to resist looking for some gender give-aways! It is starting to make me crazy not knowing!

I have posted some more growing girth pictures and this time I've included a frontal view for fun! This may be the last time I post pictures of this expanding belly because I don't think we'll see much change from now on...so enjoy!

I think it is time to start guessing! What do you think...Boy/girl? Weight and length? Will the baby come earlier than the 7th? Any guesses on names? I'd love to say that whoever guesses the closest will be rewarded with something material but I'm sure I will have other things on my mind after the arrival....so how about a nice pat on the back?

You all are just too sweet to still be reading:) I promise, there will come a day when these sort of things aren't taking over my brain!


Munchkin Land said...

As usual, you look amazing!! I'd give anything to look like you! The weight has started settling in my face and I'm starting to look more like a chipmunk. =)

I'm anxious to hear about the ultrasound and of course, you already know my gender guess. I think Parker is going to have a baby sister!! =)

Aleah said...

Well since you asked my guess is a.... hmmmm let's take another look at the front shot.
How about 7 lbs. 6 oz. for weight and 20 inches for length.
I don't know now Amy....
I think I'll still go with girl though. : )

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful, whether you feel it or not :)
I'm going with another precious boy - weighing in at 6lbs. 14oz. and 20 inches.
I'm not even going to guess at the name... although maybe I could bribe my brother since he knows ;)ha! Just kidding.

Vicky said...

I'm ready for baby #2 :) Feel free to drop Parker & baby #2 at our place anytime :)We would love to hang out with them

I have a feeling baby #2 will be a girl :)


Dan said...

GIRL, GIRL, GIRL... as far as what I think her name might be... hmmm... What is the prize again? lol ;)

Kelsey said...

From the moment you told me you were pregnant, all I could think of was GIRL! I am pretty much convinced that you are having a girl. I would love if the baby came on the weekend rather than the 7th (as you know, I have an exam on that day), but I will be there no matter what! As far as the name goes, well...:)

Dan said...

Kelsey... I think we may have a similar "insight" on this issue. No? :) Joel and I just got back from The Elk and I reiterated that it will be a GIRL. It's common knowledge.

AndiMae said...

Totally a GIRL. I'm guessing maybe 7 lbs, 3 oz.? Name? No clue. I just can't wait to meet him or her!

P.S. You look awesome as usual!

Munchkin Land said...

I just looked at our calendar and a full moon falls on Friday, February 2nd. Maybe neither one of us will have to wait very long!!

Tammy said...

Aww, you have the cutest little baby belly! I'm going to stick with popular opinion and say girl-7lbs. 5oz., 20in. I have a couple guesses for names, but I'll just wait and see what you and Joel end up picking. :)

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