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I'm so happy to be back to blogging! I've found that there are many reasons why I blog and some posts are for others to read and some are....well, honestly...for my sake and you all get to read my rants about life and my bragging about my little boy:) All that to say that I've missed my blogging routine over Christmas and I've especially missed interacting with all of you!

This Christmas season has been one of the best ever in a very long time! We spread out our celebrating with family over the entire month and we are so thankful for that decision. We had very little stress regarding the holiday and truly enjoyed spending time with all of our family members. For the first time, Joel and I (and Parker, of course) spent most of Christmas day as a family. We opened gifts, read books, ate, took naps and watched Christmas movies. Later in the evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner with some of Joel's extended family. No rushing around at all and the only stress I felt was when I realized that I needed to find homes for all of Parker's new toys...oh my, were people generous! Parker is in heaven with all of his new treasures:)

On Christmas Eve, Kelsey and I decided to construct gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, frosting, and candy. We've never done it before but I think we may have started a tradition! We had grand plans and I really thought that the project would be quite simple. I must preface this to say that Kelsey is a perfectionist and is really very good at most things that she tries. She also will follow a project through until she has everything perfect, pretty, and lovely. I am really not like this and, quite often, it really doesn't work out in my favor--including this occasion! Maybe this is why Kelsey was valedictorian in high school and I.....was not even close:) I also want to say that we may use different materials next year because we had some trouble--even Kelsey!

As Kelsey was constructing a roof for her rancher and landscaping her beautiful yard, I was throwing together my single-wide trailer. I started out with plans to make a cabin but I then realized how hard it was to put a roof together and thought a single-wide would be quite adequate. Here is Kelsey in action and a picture of her cute gingerbread rancher:
I thought she did a nice job. Keep in mind that we couldn't quite keep the walls from falling down because the frosting never dried. I feel like my humble abode was never really given a good chance to survive because I was laughing through most of the process...mostly because this is such a picture of how I operate:) My mom tells me that I should call my insurance company because it appears as though my home has weathered a storm!
Oh, how different siblings can be!


Anonymous said...

Amy- I had to laugh at the gingerbread houses, and the different results - what a fun task, and maybe new tradition :) I'm so glad your holidays have been low stress and enjoyable - and I too am in the stage of "where do all these new toys go?" -- Glad you are back blogging! ~Julie

Vicky said...

What fun! I haven't made a gingerbread house since a was a little kid.

I'm glad you're back to blogging :) I miss reading it. By the way did Parker get a new bike for Christmas?

Happy New Year


Jen said...

Amy, that is such a fun tradition. I have found that this year, more than ever, I am really into keeping and making traditions.

We saw Joel tonight...sounds like the soccer team is good to go. I'm so excited for the guys! We should catch a couple games together!

Nick and I just put on offer on a house! I'm so excited! I may need some decorating help (if you're up for it)! :)

Let's get together soon! We'll be at small group on Tuesday...will you?

Aleah said...

That is great! I love your trailer with the mutilated gummy bears! Ha Ha : )

Glad you guys had a relaxing weekend! That's how it's supposed to be!
Someday....well, actually I don't think we'll ever have a 1-2 stop Christmas... unless we moved out of state!

PS on toys - you think one is bad? : )

Kelsey said...

I laugh so hard every time I look at our gingerbread houses! I really do believe that it is an accurate picture of our personalities! We definitely have to make this a tradition--I just need to work on not eating so much candy in the process! This Christmas was truly wonderful and I am so glad that you finally had an opportunity to enjoy a day with just you, Joely, and Park (and of course, Lazy Bones, who is still in utero). Love you,


P.S. Tonight I decided that I like Dolly Parton's music. How weird is that? :)

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great Christmas for you and your family.

We just made gingerbread houses this year for the first time (I posted pictures). Next year I think I will go the graham cracker route, especially since ours ended up like your last picture in the end.

Munchkin Land said...

I have missed you too. I treasure the glimpses into your life and I'm so glad you're back.

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and I just LOVE the photos from your gingerbread house-making.

While it is fun to see the differences in siblings, I also enjoy pointing out the similarities too. My youngest sister and I are EXACTLY alike, its a little scary.

I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

andi said...

I'm so glad that you guys had such a happy and relaxing Christmas...although we missed you like crazy!!

And I Love, love, love you and Kels' gingerbread houses- what a fun new tradition!

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