This baby is real!

Since Parker is currently eating Cherrios off of the floor (his new favorite hobby), I have time to give a quick update on our first OB appointment we had yesterday. Can't believe I just admitted that my son was eating off of the floor. I know most people are fine with this but it is different when you put it in writing! Parker has been enjoying eating his snacks in his little red chair (thanks grandma!) and then dumps his cup of snacks on the floor and crunches them with his feet. I think I should get the mother of the year award for this one:)

Anyway, back to the OB appointment. I love the place and all the workers so far. They all loved Parker and asked us to bring him back next time. They made everything so easy and I was able to pick the Doc that will be with us through the pregnancy. He is much like the Doc that delivered Parker. He's an outdoorsy guy...in his 50's...a grandpa...and GOOFY! Just perfect! We did the usual stuff that becomes routine at OB checks. They checked my weight, blood pressure, talked to me about symptoms and what to expect this month, etc.

The best part of the visit was getting to hear the heartbeat! It was much different that when we heard Parker's HB for the first time. When trying to find Parker's HB for the first time, all they had to do was put the doppler right on my tummy and, bam, there he was! His HB was unusually fast (high 170's to 180's) everytime because he was always moving. We always heard his little arms and legs swishing around. The doctor would always ask what I was feeding the little squirt. And the boy is still moving...he never stops. This new baby, however, is a little more relaxed I think. It took a little while for the nurse to find the bean and then when she did, the HB was 162 and we didn't hear much movement. Parker's heart was never in this range...it sort of shocked me! Maybe this baby actually sleeps or maybe he/she is shy and didn't want to be heard? I'm already comparing my kids...this could be a bad sign. It was so wonderful to hear my new baby's heartbeat. I feel more attached and reality has really sunk in about having a new baby. I'm really looking forward to it. Having an infant around the house seems so easy now and I think Parker will be a great big brother. I can't wait until the next appointment!


Ginainchina said...

woo hoo! how exciting! it is amazing how a baby so little has a personality! :) love, gina

Kelsey said...

I am so excited to meet the next baby Randall and see what kind of personality he/she has! I can already tell that this new little one will be slightly different from Parker! But then again, there is NO ONE quite like him, is there?

Aleah said...

So nice to hear the heart beat! We can't wait to meet this new little baby!
I always wished I had one of those wands to listen to the movements and beat any time I wanted to!

Andi said...

Oh, Amy! That is so exciting! I love what Aleah said; I always wished that I could hear Audrey's heartbeat whenever I wanted too :) And I'm so glad that you love your doctor-that's so important!

JennG said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so glad that you got to hear the heartbeat, its always such a beautiful sound. Please keep us posted, hope you're feeling better.

Jen said...

Amy!!! I am so excited for you guys!! I can't wait for my turn!! Keep us posted on all your apointments and...when you find out the sex!!

Amy said...

I'm sure we'll drive everyone nuts again--we're not going to find out the sex! We're crazy but I really need to have an element of surprise since we'll have a planned c-section. The only thing that would be a surprise if we found out the sex would be the weight and length...not enough fun for me:)

From the Woodlands said...

Yes, again, CONGRATULATIONS you three! Soon to be 4!
Keep us posted on all that happens...

Vicky said...

I can't wait to meet Baby Randall #2 :)
How exciting


Overwhelmed! said...

Congrats on hearing your baby's heart beat. That's so amazing, isn't it?!

As you probably know, we adopted Snuggle Bug, but I was blessed to be invited to a few of his birthmother's doctor's appointments and I got to hear his heartbeat. It brought tears to my eyes. I even got to feel him kick in her stomach. He was such a strong little bugger, even then. :)

I can't wait to hear of this baby's arrival!

Mom said...

Amy girl, Joel and Parker--

'mm-MA' and 'mm-PA' are also thrilled about baby Randall number two!

Also thrilling is hearing Parker say MY name over the phone.

Overwhelmed! said...

Amy, can you send me your email to adoptive_mom_1@yahoo.com so that I can respond to the comments you've left on my blog? Thanks!

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