Signing with Parker

Teaching babies sign language seems to be the thing to do these days and usually I'm not crazy about "trendy parenting":). However, signing with Parker has really been a lot of fun and very helpful. We started signing to him when he was about 6 months old and started seeing him use signs when he was about 9 months old. Now I wish I had been more intentional about teaching new words because he is really learning how to communicate with his signs now. Some words Parker knows: all done, more, love, hungry, diaper, help, thank you, please, sleepy, bye bye, and a few more we're working on. I hope to add a few more each week. Children are ready to start communicating with their hands before they're ready to start communicating verbally so this has been a great way to understand what makes Parker tick...which could be very interesting!

Follow this link to read more about the advantages of signing with babies: http://signingbaby.com/

Goodbye for now...we're off to find out if Parker likes to do crafts (at Kids Crafts)! If he's anything like Joel, then we might have some problems:)


Aleah said...

We signed with Ethan (although we only went as far as 3-4 words!) : )

And then we had more and I don't know what happened! Maybe I should start with Ella again?

That's great that you guys are putting effort into in!

Aleah said...

I mean into IT!

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