Recipe for Fun

Parker is going to hate me for this picture later on :)) So... I have a great recipe for some summertime fun for a toddler and a little bit of rest for mama:

1 hot day
1 sprinkler
1 pair of soft-soled shoes
1 naked toddler learning how to pee without a diaper on:)
1 relaxing mama on a lawn chair

Mix it all together and you will get an afternoon of summertime bliss. Nothing better than that!

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Aleah said...

So CUTE!! I love that picture!
I love letting the kids (Ethan is to old now) run around naked in the summer. My neighbor gets a kick out of it too!
Plus a great way to learn what does what for potty training (like you said)!

From the Woodlands said...

Amy, Parker is getting sooo BIG!!
What a cutie he is too!

I love your blog site, I told Aleah that I am copying yours and her blog for ideas, this is all so new to me! :< ) But I am having a lot of fun!! Thanks for the post!

Have fun in the sun relaxing with Parker frolicing in the sprinkler and mama sipping her cool, clean, tasteless water!

BTW-- tell Joel "HI" from us!

Love, Laure

Andi said...

Awww. Parker. You are so cute! Ya, you will probably hate this picture when you get older, but you are making your auntie melt!! I love you!!
P.S. And yay for mama getting a chance to relax!

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