My "Giving Birth" Day and Parker's 1st Birthday

Parker's 1st birthday was last week and I just wanted to share a few pictures and thoughts about the big day.

Here is a picture of Parker and my sister Kelsey. She was teaching him to say "green" as they looked out on my parent's yard.

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Parker woke up on his birthday and somehow knew that he was now a big boy. He decided to start saying a bunch of new words and taking more steps than he ever has-- 16!

I spent much of the day replaying the whole birth experience. What a life-changing day that was! For the most part, though, I was so thankful for our amazing first year with our lovely little boy. I hope that he knows that he is one of our greatest delights!

Here is a picture of Parker eating his first birthday cake. He wasn't so sure about the cake but he chose to pick the m&m's out of it. He sure impressed us with the fine mess he made.

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Edward Ott said...

I now give my mom a gift on my birthday, after seeing the birth of my kids i know who deserves a present on my birthday.

Dan said...

It was a great party. Parker did seem to know exactly what the day was all about.

A suggestion for your blog: turn on word verification for comments. That way you won't get comment spam.

Andi said...

Amy! I am so excited that you started a blog!!! And of course you can post pictures of Audrey (as long as I can post pictures of Parker on mine:)

Happy Birthday, Parker! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you, but we'll see you in a week!

Kelsey said...

Hurray for my big sister! I am truly thrilled you have a blog now! However, I just want to let you know that I will still call you to discuss the little things like American Idol, and listen to Parker breath heavily on the phone! I love you Mimes.

Mom said...


Anonymous said...

Amy, you have inspired me, i think i'll start a blog too. That is so funny about how Kelsie listens to Parker breath heavily on the phone. And I want to see a pictur eof Audrey!!
love, gina

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