It occurred to me that I had never stayed in my sister's home over-night. I was having babies, she was in college/living in far-off places/newly married...blah blah blah. She has stayed with me and we've been together a lot, but for whatever reason, it took until this past week for me to pull the trigger. I decided at the last minute to make a quick trip over to Redmond to visit my sis and her husband and their doggy. I also decided to bring Hollyn with me...which I may or may not regret ;)

It was my first time seeing Kelsey in her Redmond home and I just loved getting a taste of her life there. Now I can actually picture her in her bright, spacious apartment and wooded, quiet street....within walking distance of everything important (Target, Trader Joe's, Panera, Thai food, etc.). We shopped, we ate yummy food, we drank good coffee, stayed up late talking...and kept track of our dueling juveniles! All good!

Love you, Kels and Bryant! Thank you for letting us stay with you! Miss you always. xoxo


Courtney said...

Hearing your describe their apartment and area made me want to go back again soon. I love where they are living right now! Glad you guys were able to have some sister time together.

Kelsey said...

I can't believe it took so long to have a sister sleepover at my house!! But what a great time we had when it finally happened :) Thank you for coming to see me and my suburban life. I really, really loved having my sister with me :) It meant more than you know!

Jenny said...

Oh, how I love sister sleepovers! They're the best.

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