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December is busy, right? Might be the understatement of the year. Of course, my big plans for a Christmas letter to tuck in with our picture/card have gone...no where. I'm still sending out our pictures, of course. If you want one and don't get it by Christmas, it is probably because I "misplaced" your address. Let me know and I will send it out.

I love our family pictures from the fall. Andi Mae did some beautiful work, once again. These are just some that I didn't choose for our card...that one is a surprise:)


Kelsey said...

Nice boots! ;) And cute family too! Love you :)

Christine said...

What a beautiful family. :)

~Sue said...

So great!

carly said...

such great pictures amy. I love all of them (and all of you!)!:)

Jenny said...

Oh, Amy!!! I love these! You're so, so beautiful and I love those boots!

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