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I am a total northwest girl and would be happy living in WA forever. But if I had to live in another state, it would be Colorado or Arizona. My love for the beautiful desert state has been well documented but today...I'm in love with Colorado!! The mountains, the weather, the culture, the air! I just love it. Feels like home.

A big part of my love for the state is the fact that we have dear friends that call CO home. And when I say "dear friends", I actually mean people who feel more like family than friends. Being here makes me miss them more.

This week we're on a vacation in Breckenridge, CO, courtesy of my sweet in-laws. And it is a real escape from real life because there are NO KIDS!! I kind of have no idea what to do with all my free time. So weird. Last night I stayed up until 2 a.m....which hasn't happened on purpose since college. I miss my kids. I don't even want to write another word about that because I'll  get sad. 

But we're having a great time together...all of Joel's siblings and their spouses plus parents= 12 adults on a much needed vacay! The beauty is breathtaking and the company even better. Love these crazies :)


LAURA said...

I have lots of family in CO, my parents used to live there too, SOOO beautiful. LOVE Breckenridge, used to have my favorite pizza, wonder if it's still there...Enjoy your time together, it is so hard to get away kid-less, our 1st time was in Sept and it was tough on me but so worth investing that time in each other! Hugs, Laura

Courtney said...

That's funny because I feel the exact same way about Washington. If I ever had to move out of Colorado, WA would be my first choice. It's the closest thing and there's friends living there who we consider family as well =) Have fun with Jenn tomorrow, I'm jealous I can't see you guys!

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