five months, fantastic!

Soooo, this post may be my lame attempt to keep up on here...but at least I have a picture!

hollyn is 5 months old now and I'm remembering why I love this age SO MUCH! Here is why::

*belly laughs
*serious personality glimpses...oh my!
*mobility- rolling all over and even scooting! my guess, she'll crawl in the next six weeks. What?!??!
*she loves toys. especially loud ones or ones that can act as a salt lick:)
*oh brothers!!! her favorite people in the world! she seems to have full on conversations with Parker...must be a good listener. And she starts laughing as soon as she sees griff. fantastic!
*Snuggler!! She burrows. And I love it. SO MUCH.
*food. the real stuff! she just started but you would think she was a professional Foodie. doesn't like to mess around with the baby stuff...she prefers corn chowder. and cauliflower stew. seriously! And if you feed it to her too slow, watch out!
*13 lbs! At her 4month....errrrr...almost 5 month apt., hollyn was 12#15oz.
*cuter than ever. is it even possible? apparently: )
*social butterfly. she can be dog tired and still pull it together to charm a perfect stranger: )
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Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Love that sweet girl. Scooting, what?! Clearly we need to get to your house earlier on Wednesday nights so we can see this precious girl. And I agree, 5 months is such a great age. Love when the personality begins to shine through :).

The Boggs Family said...

Sooo fun! Ahh Amy, loved the announcement today in the mail - THANK YOU! She is on soooo darn sweet & on our fridge. :) I cannot believe she's already that mobile - amazing! Sheesh! I'm with ya, around the 5/6 month stage is really fun as they start to present more and more of their personality & do those irresistable things you mentioned. We have missed you guys tons - lots of love!!
~Katie (and the fam)

AndiMae said...

Gosh, I love that girl so much! She is so cute and seriously so full of personality. Oh, and of course, the cuddling- she is such a cuddler! Love you guys and had so much fun with you on Saturday! (I posted a bunch of pictures from our day on my blog :)

Kelsey said...

LOVE her!!! I think you summed up that sweet baby girl perfectly. Give her a big squeeze from Auntie!

Love you :)

Jen said...

Love the picture!!!! She sounds so sweet!!!

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