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For some reason, I always expected to be a mom of only boys. And there is just a tiny part of me that mourns losing this title:) Surprisingly, this is a very tiny part of m and will probably completely disappear in about six weeks. I cannot tell you how I just ache to hold this baby girl inside of me. Seriously ache. But this isn't about Her...it's about them. My Boys.

These boys have changed my life! I love how close they are as brothers, but also how different they are. In so many ways, they are complete opposites. I love that. I've prayed that I would treasure this time with them and I'm finding that I really am doing just that. I don't even have to try, it just is the way I'm feeling. Call it hormones, call it intentionality, whatever. Just good.

This pregnancy has been good, but I have such little energy. My body is growing weary of carrying this extra weight around. I worry all of the time about not being enough for my family. And I get frustrated and moody and I get grumpy with those I love the most. But I also have been laughing! I don't know exactly what it is, but my boys are making me laugh and laugh and laugh, even when I shouldn't. Their little personalities are in FULL BLOOM. And I feel like they are at such a pure point of their lives, where they can really show their true colors without restraint. What a gift for a parent!

Parker is the same boy he's always been, just growing so much that we're really recognizing his talents and interests. So smart and inquisitive....he shocks me with his questions. He wants to know every single detail about God. He loves reading and numbers, inventing new things. In the car, our conversations usually are about numbers and God and very often the two subjects collide. Jets are his greatest passion and can tell you endless amounts of information about what he has learned. But he also loves sports, kites, electric guitar, swimming and good music. But he is so tender and sweet and sensitive. He FEELS everything. He loves every single member of our extended family. Everyone. But he especially prefers that our little family is together all.of.the.time. No one is allowed to leave! Parker's best buddy is his daddy. And then Griffin, of course, but Griff can be a pest so he gets second place. He also loves his baby sister with all of his heart...he evened named her "HEART" because he loves her so much already. I can already tell that Parker is such a nurturer and will be a great help with the baby. Oh, how he blesses my heart.

Griffin is....harder to put into words! I'm pretty sure his main goal in life is to be funny. And he is so funny! He has already developed such comedic timing, I'm sure he's onto something. But I think he's also extra funny to me because he is every single bit his father. Especially physically and the way he moves. I'm still not sure if he learned his booty shake from Joel or if it is just genetic. Hilarious. He likes to be in charge and organizes everything. He is always telling me where to put things away! Like Parker, he is also very sensitive, though not as extreme. He's sweet and calls me a princess. And insists on kisses on the lips. I have such a hard time resisting, even when he's sick! Oh gosh, and he's the most passionate three year old ever. If he believes something to be true, there is no persuading him otherwise. He's right...you're wrong. End. Of. Story! Everything is special or "pecial" to him...strange things like receipts he finds and even certain body parts:) Some might call him possessive! I like to think that it will develop into more of protectiveness thing. He's already super protective of those he loves...even his sister already. He could....and would beat the heck out of anybody who hurts his family...but let's hope he charms everybody with his humor before that happens! He certainly has charmed me:)

I love every inch of these two boys. I guess this post was mainly just for me. I wanted to record some of what they are like at this very moment...because time flies by!


Sue said...

Amy you are such a good momma. My heart swells in reading your blog at how blessed your boys and soon to be little girl as well as Joel are to have you. I know they bless you, but believe me they could not be who they are without a great momma like you.

Susan said...

Being a "boy Mom" to four of them, I understand this. Now that I have added a little girl to our brood...even though she's 8...we LOVE having her with us. I have to say that it's been a reminder just how important raising those boys to be Godly young men...and excellent husbands...is.

Blessings to you.


Kelsey said...

Oh Mimes, you describe those precious boys so perfectly! They are richly blessed to have you as a mama!

Love you :)

Mary said...

What an absolutely beautiful post. I only have girls but I cant totally relate to their personalities and characteristics. :)

Enjoy your time with them. I know it goes so quickly.


Sue Asbjornsen said...

Sigh. I think I will copy this post and put it in the family "story bowl." Lovely words from my lovely daughter's heart.

Aleah said...

Loved hearing about Parker and Griffin!
Little boys are great. : )

The way you've described your 2 totally reminds me of our oldest 2. Sibling order or something??? I don't know!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Sue - Your daughter's heart is so very lovely! =) One of the many reasons I love her!

Amy - I think these are perfectly normal feelings. I know that with each new addition, I've always "mourned" the loss of what was, even though I knew we were gaining so much too.

I'll be praying for you during these last weeks. I love you, dear friend!


Stacey said...

Amy - I love this post. It is delightful to read about your sweet family. I love that you are so close! What a gift! And that baby is sure blessed to get to be a part of such a loving, devoted family.

Bless you as you near the end of the pregnancy!

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