ice skating

Despite the fact that I'm not really that much fun right now, we're trying to do fun things together as much as possible before I'm REALLY not much fun come May 4:) Yesterday, we went ice skating with Parker's class. I mean...the boys went ice skating...errr....Parker actually was the only one on skates. But you know what I mean. Griffin thought he was on skates and that he was the master because he could go so fast. I was in my boots, trying to not be knocked down by preschoolers. Oh, and I was the cheerleader. I even wore my skirt and short shirt. Just kidding. Bad picture in your head, I'm sure:) Parker did awesome! He kept trying and trying and got the hang of it. No tears involved!! He persevered! Here are some camera phone pics from our adventure...


Sue Asbjornsen said...

I vote that Amy IS fun! And funny and smart and wise and kind and oh yeah, pregnant! Sounds like it has been a great week. Love to see and hear of Parker's perseverence and Griffin taking on any new thing with gusto! Love to all

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