The boys took flight yesterday. Parker has been begging to go fly kites...the prairie is perfect for it. I couldn't stop thinking about one of my all time favorite books, The Kite Runner. And so thankful that my boys are growing up in such different circumstances. Their smiles make me happy! And then there is that one of me...just for kicks. This is my blog, afterall :)


Kelsey said...

Oh I love it! Looks like so much fun! :)

Chic Mama said...

How fun! Lots of wind up there to work with! Great pick of you too! (Most of the pics of me these days are self-taken too!)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

You are beautiful! But I hope you don't think that picture of you can take the place of a much-needed belly shot, do you? =) I'm waiting...

Love you!

Julie said...

You are beautiful as always, but I was sure hoping for a belly shot picture :)
Love seeing the pics of the boys! You have such a great family!

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