because this is what makes blogging fun...

*the hope of spring*

Some tidbits of information that you may or may not want to know...

*I have never once touched a cigarette, but I have this very odd desire to buy a pack of Nicorette gum. I really like gum, I guess.

*My husband and I like a lot of the same music, with a few exceptions: I love country and he only likes some...and he loves classic rock and it makes me want to vomit. Sorry to all of you fans...but I can't handle it!

*I met Joel when I was 18, became engaged when I was 19 and married when I was 20. When I read that, I start to sweat. Crazy. But it worked for us and we're going on 8 years of marriage:)

*We had a sunny day here today (the first in a while) and it gave me a glimmer of hope....Spring will come again! I long for the days when the kids cans go out back and play in the sprinkler. Oh, the hope of spring...how it tugs on my heart!

*I am reading One Thousand Splendid Suns with my SIL, Andi. Really excited about it. Just finished Like Family. Fairly depressing, actually, but I like that sort of thing. I think it is important to read about lives that are so different than mine.

*We went out on an overnight date on Friday and it was just splendid! BIG thanks to Andi and Erik for watching the boys! Order of events: drinks, dinner, dessert, shopping (at gymboree:), movie, hotel. So great! I love being "just us" every now and then!

*My family is watching a movie together and I snuck away to do this random post. Now, I've been found and I see little fingers under the door. I better go!


Chantel said...

How awesome that you got an overnight away! And the sun still shines there?!? How great after all that snow you have had.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get sun for a while. I miss it.

The Army Wife said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been 8 years for you two. I remember your wedding like it was yesterday :)

The Boggs Family said...

What a sweet post --- I didn't know majority of what you wrote about, and loved learning more about you & your sweet family. Sure have missed you guys. AND, I am soooooo glad you & Joel could have a much-deserved overnight date on Friday. Gawl, after having one recently ourselves, I am a huge proponent of those. Not just for the sake of time together, but it really does rejuvinate even a great marriage, don't ya think? ... which probably makes us better parents, too? :) So much love to you guys... we miss you.

LAURA said...

Wasn't the sun gorgeous yesterday?! I met Todd at 16, married him at 18 and we've been married 13 years. If it's right it's right. But now that I have a daughter I'm seriously already thinking of ways I can explain that situation away. 18 doesn't sound near far enough away from 5. Hope to see you soon!

Aleah said...

Better watch out you might get some Nicorette for your Birthday! ;)

Glad you guys had a nice time away!

I'll have to put that book on my list - let me know how it is.

Love, Aleah

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I was 19 when Jonathan & I got engaged and married at 20 as well. I agree...it feels weird to explain (or to look back on sometimes) but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that we got to "grow up" together:).

I'm glad you got an overnight date too! I hope we can go on those after kids as well!

jenny said...

You make me laugh!

Susan said...

Congratulations on the 8 year mark! I can relate to the differences in musical taste. My DH things country is "sinful"! And I can't stand the electric sounds of classic rock. But it's worked for us because we have almost been married for 22 years!

Glad you got away for a bit. I'm wishing you more sunshine this week...


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