no time for this...

I don't know...{sigh}...I have absolutely no time for this kind of foolishness. I should not even be posting these right now. But I am. Oh well. I have this tendency to find time-sucking activities online so I can avoid doing real work. It is very remarkable. Look what I did the other night...

Isn't my husband a hottie?
But it was fun...:)


Anonymous said...

Fun photos. I too find lots of activities on the Internet in order to not do real work.

jen said...

Hee hee! I did some of these a few weeks ago. It IS a complete time-waster, but oh-so fun!

I like how you tilted your head in some of the shots. ;)

The Boggs Family said...

This is hilarious! I'll have to try this some night when Ken's working and the kids are asleep. ;) Hope you are doing well & having a great week so far. Miss you guys!

The Boggs Family said...

Oh and in agreement, Joel is quite the hottie--- but so are you!! You guys are such a dang good-looking couple it's disgusting! hahah. Love to you!

Jennifer said...

So funny!
I love it!

Sue said...

Love it Love it So fun!
I tried it as well, but I WILL not be posting them anywhere! Love you.

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