So, I tend to be an anxious person. This is no secret. Much, much better nowadays, but it is still in me. And so when I can't find anything really worthwhile to be uptight about...I find something really silly. Lately, I keep looking at the trees losing their leaves and my children growing before my eyes and realizing how much I'm loving God and being a part of this whole thing (life) ...and I get anxious about change. Change that isn't even bad. Just change in seasons and my kids growing up and what will God be like in a few years? Will he still be letting me in on little bits of insight? Will I still be able to enjoy Him? I know, dumb question re: God. Because HE IS GOD and he is everything and I'm the one who changes, not HIM. But even though I know this, I still let my mind wander. I'm amazed at his patience. I love learning about FAITH and what that means.

Even though in a few weeks, the leaves will be gone (eek!), and my children will be playing new games and maybe even taller...and we'll have new challen
ges in our life...God is there. In the future. I don't have to worry. He always brings more good things and more moments I want to cling to. And he always shows up. I'm so thankful that he gives me many blessings, and many moments each day to recognize His presence. No need to be anxious...


The Boggs Family said...

Great verse and inspiring post. Thanks for lifting me up just by sharing your heart. Looks like the boys just got haircuts -- they are such cutiepies!!! :) Hugs to you and your sweet family...

Aleah said...

I feel the same way sometimes.
It's hard when things seem just right with the kids ages and family dynamics and then they have to go and grow and things change!
Of course it always becomes another great season...just different than the one before! : )

I too am trying to embrace the change and find peace about it by focusing on God and his plan for our kids and our lives.

Easier said then done?!

Enjoy, enjoy! Life moves fast with kids doesn't it?!

Sarah said...

sweet pictures Amy, and great thoughts! I think we all deal with this in one way or another, so thanks for helping the rest of us feel "normal". I'm in a bit of a valley myself, as far as my walk goes, but I know these valleys serve purpose too. We wriggle around in discontent until we find another peak to climb. It's so comforting to know that God doesn't change, even though I do, as well as my life's circumstances. Missing you sister!
Love, Sarah

Vintage Mommy said...

You're such a good mommy to realize this and cherish the little things!

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