pictures from life

Since my blog has been sparse in the way of words...a few pictures from life these days:)

Parker going in for a kiss with Oma during Kelsey's birthday celebration:)

My dad trying to control Griffins craziness at dinner. Totally impossible! Maybe it was the two plates of pasta?

Yes, the sweet, defenseless little brother is bullying the older one...naughty, but funny!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Parker & Griffin playing. Way too cute. See you guys soon


Anonymous said...

I just love those boys! How fun playing in the little kiddie pool! Can't wait to see you guys for the 4th.


Aleah said...

fun pictures!

Parker doesn't look like he cares too much! How dry did Griffin stay!

Can't wait to bring out the kiddie pool here....

Amy said...

how fun to have two boys, certainly a handful but so rewarding!

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