a parker list

I know these are the things I'll want to remember someday...the little things. Some random things about Parker at 3 yrs. one month:

in love with Dr. Sarah*not a fan of the dentist yet*afraid of the sprinkler*loves salsa*loves to snuggle with mama*could eat Pocky all day long*calls his dark tennis shoes "Diego Shoes" and his Tevas "Teebas"*sings the best rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" ever*asks to read the "God Book"*loves his bike and helmet*very cautious*chews on sippy cups*likes to read books about school*still mixes up breakfast and dinner*thinks that when he grows up he will be a baby again*likes to cut with scissors*eats popcorn and watches movies when he is sick*my big helper--really into making bread*only eats the frosting off of cupcakes*eats ketchup by the spoonful*

I love that boy! More to come as I think of them...


jen said...

What sweet, sweet things to remember! I stopped by today to drop off a little b-day gift for you. I was sad that Parker was not there to open the door for me. I'll try again tomorrow.

Stacey said...

Oh how darling. He is afraid of the sprinkler? That is too cute! My Timmy was when he was younger too!

Wendy said...

LOVE that age!

Happy Birthday! Hope it is a great day!

Kati said...

I Love this! What a fun way to remember the "little things"!

Almost everything on the list could be said about Kallen as well...especially the eating of ketchup by the spoonful...too funny!

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