maybe if we had talked...

This is what happens when couples don't communicate well enough...

I came home from grocery shopping last night to find out that Joel had given both boys buzz-cuts--the day before their scheduled portraits! Joel didn't know. The picture on the right is a clump of hair I found on Griffin's highchair! Oh well, it is only hair and only a picture. So funny!

Oh, but Griffin totally looks like a super-duper old man in his pictures. No hair and his goofy smile!


anya* said...

oh, you are a much nicer wife then i am! once jer tried to trim moses' bangs (back in the long hair days), and i came home and went balistic. not one of my more graceful moments...jeremy felt terrible for trying to help, and i was a tearful, pregnant wreck;)

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Can't wait to see your pictures


Anonymous said...

That is really funny... I will keep this moment in mind when we have children. :)


Aleah said...

Buzzed and all they must still look very cute. That's a lot of hair off of Griffin!!

Jamie said...

I just got on so I could catch up with how things are for you guys and laughed so much at this because Chris just did this same thing last night with Noah and Micah...we don't have pictures tomorrow, but this really made me laugh!!

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