if only we spoke the same language...

Okay, so technically, Parker does speak English but he has selective comprehension and has this inability to pick up on my sarcasm. And Griffin thinks he speaks English but his native tongue resembles a Japanese/Gurgle type of thing. Very interesting. But you know what I mean...we totally don't speak the same language, because if we did, this is what I would say....

To Parker: Just so you know, Parker David, I am the Mom and I am the one who gets to decide who sleeps when. And I am the one who gets to decide when you stop napping. Yes, you will nap until you start school. You don't get to decide to stop napping forever. I AM MOM!!! And then I would stomp my foot and fold my arms for emphasis. :)

To Griffin: Son, I love your loud shrieks and demands for milk in the morning, but when you require a nap before 7 am, you must know that you've gotten up too early. Really, Griffin, make sure we're in the sixes before we start the day. Pleeeease. Thankyouverymuch.

Love, Mama ;)


Aleah said...

I know exactly what you mean about the Japanese/Gurgle. Ella was our only one that spoke to us in it. It's pretty convincing though isn't it? : )

jen said...

I'm with Griffin...I require a nap by 7:00 a.m., too!

Sarah said...

Thanks for a good laugh Amy! I'm right there with you, "I'm the Mama!" But oh how they challenge that don't they!
Love, Sarah

Kati said...

Ah yes! If only...!!!

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