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Even the most delightful of two year (almost three) olds can have their sour moments. Yes, this is true; almost three is not a fun age in my book. But to be fair, I do believe it is more the "Feb-March blahs" that are to blame and less of a character flaw. I suppose if I were about to turn three and my parents were making me do all sorts of things I didn't want to do...and for no apparent reason (like eat meals at appointed times and poop in the potty)--I would throw a few fits here and there. But this does not make it fun for the parent in charge. BUT, it is just a stage and Parker has some great moments mixed in along the way. Like this one below...both Parker and Griffin are really into belting out songs. Baa Baa Black Sheep is the current favorite.


Anonymous said...

Way too cute


Amy said...

soooooo cute amy! i need to see that little boy in person before he's all grown up.

Aleah said...

I love his little voice! Almost 3, WOW!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Parker! We miss you!

Kyle & Jenni

Wendy said...

That is adorable!

daisy said...

How FUN! I love how you celebrate the little things that your kids do. That is so important...happy memories for both you and your kids.

They are soooo cute.

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