I couldn't help it....

Yeah, so didn't I just write a post about avoiding the hustle and bustle of the holidays? So of course, I decided to head out to the mall this morning with the boys. Nothing like the peace and quiet of a mall and hauling around two tired children to soothe the soul:) I'm not sure what I was thinking or IF I was thinking. But looky what I came home with!

Ho Ho Ho!!!

I have to admit, it was really fun and Parker LOVED meeting Santa. He asked him for a motorcycle. I had planned on going to the mall to pick up one thing (which never really works out) and to let the kiddos play a bit. However, there HE was and there was no turning back once we saw the jolly red elf. I kind of wish I had dressed the kids for the part and that Griffin didn't look so bald and double chinned--because he isn't! But whatever...it was fun and I think I'll continue the tradition. Aren't Santa pictures supposed to look weird anyway?

And doesn't our Santa look authentic? That isn't a fake beard...or fake belly:)


Aleah said...

At least the kids liked him! Behind the beard he looks a little crazy! ; ) But generally it's seems all Santas do!! We'll see what type we get next week.....

Have a good weekend!

jen said...

Oh, your boys are beautiful! That's great that they didn't freak out. This Santa does look very authentic. We might have to go get pictures done, too. Was this Northtown or Downtown mall?

Anonymous said...

Cute picture. Have a nice weekend


Jennisa said...

cute picture! I had to laugh at the double chin!!! :)

Anonymous said...

OH, what a sweet picture, the boys look as happy as can be, not scared or crying at all ;) And I like the fact Santa looks like he could be a sincere Santa.

Jen said...

Oh Amy! I love this picture! I especially love that Parker asked for a motorcycle! :) Hope to see you soon!!

Amy said...

thats ok, babies are supposed to have double chins and baldness :)

Margaret said...

hey girl - That is an adorable picture - your boys are so so cute!
I am sorry I have fallen off the blogging world - things have been nuts!
Merry Christmas!

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