Call Me Crazy?

Parker received a drum set for Christmas from unnamed sources;) Just kidding...we actually approved of the idea before the purchase. Honestly, I'm so excited about them! Music is Parker's passion--it's his thing. I love it...I'm so excited to see where his passion will take him. Sure, it will be a little annoying and loud sometimes, but the look on his face when he is in "the zone" is just priceless.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear Parker play


Kimberly said...

Oh fun! That is so wonderful that je has something that he truly enjoys, it'd be fun to see a video of him playing the drums while he's in "the zone"

Sue said...

I think we need to download the Parker/Audrey/drums video clip onto your computer so you can share it! Maybe the sledding crash too!
Love you, Mom

Dan said...

"You're Crazy!" There. I said it. That is awesome - he is going to be jamming in no time. Uncle Dan will have to come help him work on his snare drum roll... maybe for his birthday I'll get him a kids size practice pad. (http://store.drumbum.com/skuA-50.html)

Wendy said...

That is awesome, especially if it is something he is really interested in.

Ruth said...

How fun! That is cool he's young, but already showing an interest in music.

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