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I've been avoiding getting back online because I am so behind on just about everything related to this crazy online life! I have so many emails to return, bills to pay, blog posts to write (okay, so not super important), things I need to research...not to mention phone calls I need to return and the grocery store that keeps calling my name. Oh yeah, and this Christmas fanatic only has a tree with lights up--nothing else. Ugh! But of course, I'm just going to ignore my to-do list and procrastinate. It is really a good strategy. Try it:) A few things to share...

~We just returned from a week-long holiday whirlwind trip to visit Joel's family. We spent a couple days with Joel's siblings, then each set of parents. Last year we decided to start spending the first week of December celebrating the holidays with this part of the family instead of traveling over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We love it! It is honestly now one of my favorite holiday traditions. We get to spend quality time with our family instead of rushing all over. And we get to preserve our time during this season as a young family. So important!

~No pictures. I too absolutely no pictures during our trip. I was in camera rebellion. I just didn't feel like it and it felt good to not worry about capturing the moment. I just lived it instead. Now I'm just hoping

~Question: Is it a bad thing when my two year old starts asking for a Starbuck's scone every time we go through a drive-thru? He's even asked for a latte before. I'm wondering if this is a reflection of my habit? Don't answer that.

~Christmas cards in the mailbox. We came home to a full box full of Christmas cards and it was so exciting! I loved reading the letters and looking at all the pictures. It is one of the best parts of the season. Send me your cards!


LPDraper said...

Reagan asks for banana bread every time we drive through Starbucks... Oops. :)

Thankfully she hasn't learned that they can make her chocolate milk there too. I'd be in big trouble!

jen said...

I chose the SAME Christmas card from Wal-Mart! Pretty cute for Wal-Mart, huh? I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for posting a picture of your card. It's great!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I missed reading your blog. It was great seeing you guys.


AndiMae said...

Yay! You're back!- To blogging and to home! Thanks again for having us over yesterday- even though things were super chaotic (to say the least...) it was so great to see you!

Carrie said...

Welcome home! I think your Christmas card is great as well as the tradition of spending the first week of December with family. I suggested something similar to my extended family, but it fell on deaf ears. How sad that they are more concerned about the date on the calendar rather than quality family time. We are starting a new tradition this year where we spend the night of the 24th sleeping in sleeping bags at my in-laws place (snuggled up in front of the fire)- sort of my little rebellion against rushing through 2 gatherings on the same day. We only live 20 minutes from my in-laws, but there's something about not having to pack up that brings back memories of my childhood at my Grandparents home.
Merry Christmas!!!!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Welcome back, you were missed! Looking forward to catching up with you soon. Give me a call when you've had a chance to catch-up on everything else.

Love you!

anya* said...

loved your christmas card! i still havent captured a single picture with the four of us smiling, there is still some time left to try again this weekend...

oh, and moses loves starbucks also..his bed is one of those ridiculous toddler car beds and we play in it all the time pretending to go places and visit people- but he always pretends that we first drive thru starbucks to get 'mama her mocha!'

Liz said...

What a cute Christmas card...you all have such a sweet family.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the holiday season! :)

Mama said...

LOVED YOUR CARD!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I have it hanging up!
Yours will be in the mail soon! Waiting for mine to get here!

Mama said...

LOVED YOUR CARD!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I have it hanging up!
Yours will be in the mail soon! Waiting for mine to get here!

Sarah said...

Great card, we love it. It's hanging on our door.
Love, Sarah

Wendy said...

Welcome back, missed you. So glad you were able to spend time w/your family, without all the rushing around. That sounds wonderful.

Great card!

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