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Being a mama is so fun. So fun! Now, I'm not saying it isn't work--it is the hardest work, but there are some really great perks. Check these out...

These are Parker's new shoes I just bought for him at Nordstrom Rack! Aren't they snazzy? I love to dress my kids! I know that it isn't that important in the grand scheme of things, but we've got to have a little fun, don't we?!

This picture was taken in between flops. The action shot probably wouldn't be blog appropriate:)

And speaking of fun...I wish I could post an awesome picture I took of Parker practicing his belly-flop in the bath tub tonight! It was so hilarious! He decided to do a sort of hand stand with his feet on the back wall...then he'd push off with his feet, land on his belly and send water everywhere. It was so cool! I know, it probably wasn't the safest activity, but it was supervised and I couldn't stop laughing in time to intervene. Oh, the mama joys...


Liz said...

I agree, being a mama is fun! I love that you are such a cool, fun mom. You are an encouragement to me. It seems to me that you allow your boys to be boys...which is so awesome! I am working on this, and learning to relax and just have fun with my little ones.

Oh, and I LOVE the shoes! Super cute. I enjoy dressing my kids a little too much! :)

Jennisa said...

LOVE the shoes! I share in the obsession of dressing up our kiddos! I tell ya, if they made clothes that cute in MY size, I'd be dressing up myself instead!

And, Parker is just too cute! And, your bathtub looks sooooo clean! :)

Anonymous said...

awwww i love the shoes!!

Katy said...

Those shoes are too cute! :) And bathtime is always so fun!!! (although, i usually get soaked just trying to bathe my kids..LOL) Hope you have a great weekend!

Jenn Lynn said...

Love the shoes and Parker's smile; that's a great smile.

I think shopping may be in our near future. I need help dressing a little boy. Feel up to the task?! =)

Aleah said...

Cute shoes, and even better he can put them on by himself with the velcro!

And I know exactly what Parker does in the tub because my boys do the same! That's how the bathroom gets cleaned. : )

Kati said...

The shoes are great!!! And belly-flops in the bathtub...how fun!

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