change tense

"It is extraordinary to realize that this moment, framed in time--not the memories, not the expectations or ambitions--is my life. And in this moment I change tense: stop becoming and just am."
"Seeing in the Dark" ~ O, Oct 07 ~ p. 298

We made a family trip to Costco last night. Love that place! I tend to get more than we need, so for that reason, I don't love it...but it is just so darn fun! Yes, even fun with two little ones in the cart and ice cream all over their faces. They were fascinated with the Christmas merchandise. What kid wouldn't be excited about a lit-up, life-sized reindeer? :)

I've written before about how I am striving to live in the moment...not dwelling on the past or camping myself in the future either. I think the key is to live like a kid in some ways. They are so simple and practical. Parker's prayer after we got home (before bed) was a good reminder of this...

"Dear God, thank you for the stooooorrrr.....ummmmmm......thank you for ice creeeaaaam....ummmmm....thank you for fwosted middy eats (a.k.a. frosted mini-wheats). Jesus. God. Amen."

I love that he was just thanking God for what he knew to be good, for the exciting things he had just experienced and for the practical things in life God gives us. He was praying with a grateful heart and certainly knows how to live in the moment.

And all this time, I thought I was supposed to be teaching him.... ;)


Aleah said...

Such a cute prayer!
We're still able to fit all ours in the Costco cart - why doesn't everyone make them that size?!
Thanks for the living in the moment reminder! That's what I needed to hear (read) right now, so thanks!

andi said...

I really love that quote! And that prayer...so sweet. I am really loving listening to Audrey's prayers these days too- they are finally starting to make a little sense :) It is so fun to hear what things are special and mean the most to them!

jen said...

Thanks for this reminder! I love how much you adore your children.

Jenn Lynn said...

Oh, so very sweet. I love how my children teach me new things every day. I've started paying more attention to Devyn's requests, and the only request I hear over and over is "Mommy, play with me". Um... ok! I'm thoroughly impressed with you wanting to live in the moment. =)

Anonymous said...

How cute :)


Ruth said...

OH, what a cute prayer and what a great reminder to be grateful for the simple things in life :) Thanks for sharing Amy. And Costco, I remember a professor in college talking about how, as a poor, starving, college student, one could practically get a free meal there with all the samples they hand out.

anya* said...

so sweet parker. boy, kids sure can teach us to live in the moment! moses' prays for the 'workermen' (construction workers) every night. i wouldnt ever think to pray for the men and women building our streets and sidewalks:)

Kristen said...

It's amazing how God uses his little ones to teach us and bless us more than we ever could have thought!

Katy said...

Awww...that is so sweet! i love to hear my kids pray as well. So innocent and sweet! :) hope you have a great thursday! :)

Sarah said...

Amen! I think we all need to do more living in the moment. I think our stress and heartache would diminish greatly. I thank God every day for what my children teach me. Can't wait to behold you and your little blessings next Friday!!!
Love, Sarah

Elise said...

Oh, I love to go to Costco with the family, too! So much to see... and we always walk out of there with more than was on our list! Always!

Parker - here's a big squeeze from me! You're so precious! (((Parker)))

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