pictures from the week...

Parker helping us give Griff a bath & a picture I took of Audrey (my niece) and myself.

Do you all have any idea how hard it is to get a good picture of a six month old...unless they are sleeping, of course! Everytime I try to take a picture of Griffin, he tries to attack the camera and suck on it. I decided not to post those pictures:) I think he was thoroughly irritated with me by this last one...


Anonymous said...

Great prictures :) Have a wonderful holiday weekend


Kelsey said...

"Griffin actually looks pretty normal in these pictures!"
-me during our phone
conversation today

Yes, that is definitely my quote of the day!:)I'm so glad you were able to laugh about that with me! But really, you have two beautiful boys that just get cuter everyday! Hopefully I get to see you tomorrow, even if it is just for a little bit. Happy Anniversary (one day early)!
Love you,


Munchkin Land said...

I think you have some of the most beautiful boys. I love these pictures! =)

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