I've been a bit out of the blog world this week as I've been working on figuring out some better routine for my day. I spent three months trying to make things run smoothly for my boys...and now it is time for me to figure out the rest of my life. I will let you know soon how it is going...

I had to pop on here really quick to say something I've been thinking about today. I'm just so overwhelmed and grateful for our wonderful family members on both sides! I've always known that I am loved--and what a great feeling that is! But to see our family loving on our boys is something else all together. Nothing touches this mama's heart like knowing that my children are loved unconditionally by other important people in their lives. So, thank you to our family (and the friends in our lives that really are family to us) ...you have blessed me by loving my children and have given Parker and Griffin the greatest gift of all.


Jen said...

I can only imagine! Know that you and your little family are in my prayers! I miss you...let's go for a walk soon!

Dan said...


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