Baby Acne Cure

Okay, so this will be totally boring to many of you, but for those of you who have little babies struggling with complexion issues....listen here! I know that skin issues are not a big deal in the overall scheme of things, but it sure is annoying when you want to show off your cutie! But....I have found a cure for baby acne. Actually, I didn't come up with it, our pediatrician did and I'm now a big fan of her:) It really isn't a novel idea, but she told me to use benzoyl peroxide 2.5 % on Griffin's blemishes a couple of times a day and that it should clear up pretty quickly. I was kind of blown away because everything I had read said to never use adult creams or lotions on baby's tender skin because it would irritate it too much. It didn't at all and it seriously cleared up his face in 3-4 days. Plus, the stuff is always good to have around for other members of the family:)

On another note, my little Parker turns TWO tomorrow! Holy smokes...how in the heck did this happen? To be sure...you will see pictures of his special day soon!


Ginainchina said...

great idea! :)
can't believe parker is 2!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!
time flies. it seems like yesterday when we were at karie's wedding talking about how we were "ready" to start a family!! haha

Anonymous said...

good to know :) also, i think that boudreaux's butt paste works THE BEST! happy early birthday to parker! are you having a party?
love, the other amy r.

Jennisa said...

Great discovery! Lots of mommies will be glad that you posted this! Baby acne is the pits!

Aleah said...

Wish I would've known this! All of ours had little white heads between 1 & 3 months of age. I had to keep Philip from popping them! : )
Can't wait for Parker's b-day post!! I CAN NOT believe he's TWO!
It'll be so fun to catch up this summer.

AmiDA said...

happy birthday to parker!!! :)

Munchkin Land said...

Wow! You are one brave mommy, to have two under the age of two. My hat goes off to you!

I hope Parker had a wonderful 2nd birthday and I'm so glad you found something for the baby acne! I will definitely be trying that if (when) we have a third child.

Elise said...

I'm glad you found something that worked!
My doctor had me use hydrocortizone, followed by Eucerin Hand Therapy cream, helping with the possible burn, and it also worked within days! It's wonderful!
We love them just as much as when they are spotty, but it makes us happier when they're not, yes? :)

Stacey said...

I am so glad you found something for it! I can imagine how frustrating it can be when you want to take portraits like you mentioned before.

Happy Birthday to your sweet Parker!!

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