Three generations of women

My mom, my Grandma Dee, me, and possibly a 4th generation girl growing in my tummy!

This year my grandma is 75, my mom is 50, and I'm 25. We just recently figured out that this was a pretty cool thing. Even more cool...if this baby is a girl, then a quarter century down the road, we are looking at a family celebration of women at 100, 75, 50 and 25! (I totally just stole the words in italics straight from my parent's Christmas letter...but I know they won't press charges because they like me:) In any case, I just think this is a pretty special picture taken on Christmas Eve and I wanted to share.


Wendy said...

What a great picture!

Aleah said...

Kinda funny because my mom just left minutes ago and while we were at the door I said that we have to get a picture of the 4 generations of girls/ladies on our side!

There's that shirt - love it! And a pregnant shot from the front! I'll keep my thoughts on gender to myself. : )

Vicky said...

Cute picture :) So do you think baby #2 is a girl?
Can't wait, counting down the days


PS Love your top!!!

Stacey said...

I seriously think that this is a most wonderful picture - one you will treasure for years to come! Please tell me you have framed it somewhere in your home!

Can't wait to find out if babe-in-tum is going to fulfill the 4th generation of this cool pic!

HolyMama! said...

oh beautiful!!

Munchkin Land said...

Oh... finally... I can leave a comment. (Sometimes blogger just drives me nuts!) Anyway, I just love this picture and the implications behind. How incredible would it be to add a fourth generation to this picture?! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a girl!!

Before my great-grandmother died before Christmas, we had 5 generations alive but no one thought to capture on film. =(

andimae said...

So cool! I didn't realize all three of your ages either until I read mom and dad's Christmas letter. I'm really glad that you got a picture of it too!

P.S. When I was a baby we had a 5-generation picture taken: me, my mom, my grandma, my great-grandma, and my great, great-great grandma. When I was younger I remember thinking, "What's the big deal?", but now I think that it is so special to have!

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