meet our baby...ELMO :)

I think that this whole thing is starting to become real for Parker. It is for me....26 days and counting! Yesterday we were washing some equipment, getting everything ready for the baby. I was demonstrating to Joel how the straps were indeed in the car seat correctly. I just picked Parker's Elmo up and used him as a model. Parker went straight to his bedroom and picked up his beloved blankie and pacifier and proceeded to lay the blanket over Elmo and stick the paci in his mouth. In the above picture, he is kissing Elmo! All of this just shocked us because we truly didn't think Parker had any idea what all the fuss was about! Apparently, we've underestimated him again. He has been talking about babies quite frequently all of the sudden and wanting his Cabbage Patch doll with him. And when we talk about the new baby, he comes and lifts up my shirt to lay a big, fat, slobbery kiss on my tummy...which is sort of embarrassing in public:) I guess I thought that he was too young to care about the baby coming and that he wouldn't be interested yet in the nurturing aspect of being a big brother. I am pleasantly surprised and hope that this really means that this transition will be a good one!


Sue said...

Oh my goodness gracious, I don't think Parker will ever cease to bring me wonder, joy and laughter! Completely adorable post. Sorry so few comments lately, but following none-the-less. Much love, Mom

Munchkin Land said...

How absolutely precious! It sounds like Parker is going to be a remarkable big brother!!

For the longest time, we couldn't dare ask Devyn where the baby was because she'd reach over and grab my breast. Try explaining that one to your pastor!!

Vicky said...

That is so cute! Parker will be a wonderful big brother.Have a good weekend


Margaret said...

Hey Amy - I enjoy reading your blog - I love how sweet your little Parker is about the new baby! We have an almost 3 year old girl(Karina) and a 7 month old boy(Cade)! It's a lot of fun!
You can check out my blog if you want!
Take Care, margaret

Vicky said...
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