Growing Girth: Installment #6--33 weeks

I decided early on in this pregnancy that I wasn't going to start preparing for this baby to come (as far as supplies and setup and such) until after Christmas so I could make the end go faster by getting all of this stuff done. However, I realized a few days ago that I have 5 1/2 weeks until a new baby joins our family and the only thing I have really purchased or done to prepare was buy a box of special Q-Tips! You see, my life really is much like the construction of my gingerbread single wide:) What have I done? Now I'm panicking just a little bit. I pulled out all of Parker's newborn clothes last night to see what was still usable. Not much, to be honest! He was such a puker that most of the little clothes are stained beyond repair. How sad! Thankfully, I've had family members that are more aware of this coming change in our family than I have been. Many family members have given us gifts of clothes and supplies for this new one. I washed all of the gender neutral stuff last night and pulled one of the newborn onesies out and just gasped. Holy crap...do they really start out this small? Check this out...
And my hand really isn't that huge--the onesie is like the size of a Cabbage Patch Baby! Oh my goodness...things are really starting to settle in now:)

Speaking of size, this growing girth has started to get in my way just a bit. I actually consider waking Joel up in the middle of the night so he can help roll me over or get up to go the bathroom! I was trying to do Tae Bo most days of the week up until recently when I realized that it was tiring me out more than anything. Now I'm trying to get in three days a week and even that is pushing it! By the way, I do not allow anyone (except my husband) to watch me to this exercise because I move soooooo slow and awkwardly! Just try to imagine the high kicks and squats...never mind, don't:) So here it is, my growing girth...


Vicky said...

Can't wait for baby #2!! I remember Parker being such a little baby and now a boy. They sure do grow up fast. Happy New Year


Munchkin Land said...

I completely understand what you're going through. Nesting has kicked in BIG time for me and I find that I'm already going through clothes, organizing, and rearranging everything. (I'm driving Jon nuts!)

I even went out bought a couple of packages of newborn diapers to get prepared. To borrow your phrase, Oh My! I completely forgot how tiny they are and that Devyn ever fit into those miniscule diapers. I can't believe we're in the home stretch!

By the way, I completely hate you guys for your ease in transferring Parker to a big boy bed. (Just kidding!!) We're still having some sleep issues but home to iron those out before this little guy arrives.

Kelsey said...

It is so hard to believe that Pike was ever THAT small! Wasn't his reaction the cutest today when he was holding the little onesie? As always, I had such fun with the two of you today. See you tomorrow! Love you,


Ginainchina said...

dang amy, you are one hot mama!

Elise said...

Actually, they're smaller! Remember how their clothes are all too big at first?
My boys were extra long when they were born, so they fit pretty well lengthwise, but everything was STILL to wide!

Aleah said...

Yes, and the size of those newborn diapers! Crazy!

Hope you had a good Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Love, Aleah

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