Growing Girth: Installment #5--30 weeks

So...my OB agreed with me and I will have this baby in my arms two months from yesterday! February 6th at 7:30 am. How strange is it that I already know my baby's birthday and the time of day he/she will be born, AND the names we have picked out? I'm glad that this isn't our first because I really liked everything being a surprise last time. This time, I'm okay with it because I've prepared. After the scheduler called me with the time of the surgery, I was relieved that we hadn't found out the gender again. There are so many great things about both ways--finding out the gender ahead of time or not. There have been times when I've gone back and forth. In fact, we're not entirely sure what we'll do with a third. However, for us...this time...we're really enjoying the whole process of trusting God to prepare our hearts for that moment when the baby's gender is announced. I was telling Jenn that it is sort of like a little test of faith for me! I'm so excited!

I'm getting large. I'm about 30 weeks now so I guess it is about that time when everything sorta starts moving fast! Found out yesterday that there is a reason that I'm so tired, I look like a zombie, and my lips are tingly...I'm anemic again and actually thrilled to find out so I can start taking iron to boost my levels back up. Parker will enjoy some more action around here, as well:)

Here is my lovely belly:) Large. I like it, though. I'm actually carrying a little higher than with Parker and look less like I have a spare tire around my waist....which is a good thing!

*okay...so I have just edited this to admit, again, how crazy I've become. I originally posted the second photo and then started to become embarrassed at how posey I looked and took another picture of me posing different. Then, I realized that this picture looked worse because I truly look like a zombie with no lip-gloss or anything. So THEN, I decided to chop off the head part and post a headless belly picture. And I've decided to keep up the "posey" picture to represent how ridiculous I've become. Oh my....*


Kelsey said...

I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again: I am convinced that you are having a girl! But I guess we don't have to wait too long to find out, do we? You look cuter and cuter in every picture you post! I love you!


P.S. I got your Christmas letter yesterday and I put the pic of Pike up right away!

Andi said...

So cute, as usual! And girl, I'm sorry, but I think that you are still so tiny- definitely not huge! :) But I guess, I'll be a better judge of your tummy after I see it in person next week :)

I think that I already look like you did at four or five months...

andi said...

P.S. I hope that you're not offended by me saying that you're little...I think your belly is the cutest thing ever!

P.P.S. And where did you get that shirt? You know how much I love polka dots!

Anonymous said...

First off, I love the shirt... secondly, you look awesome at 30 weeks pregnant. I'm going to email you a picture of me at 41 weeks with Hannah, and you'll probably have to pick your jaw up off the floor at how huge my stomach was :) Ha! But, you look great, and I love the baby belly. I'm looking forward to hearing of his/her arrival, name and seeing the first pics! Keeping you in prayer, Julie

Wendy said...

We found out with each one what we were having, but I can see why it would be fun to wait to find out too. I liked having everything ready though.

You look great!

From the Woodlands said...

I can't believe you have 2 months left, it's gone by sooo fast, for us! ; )

Can't wait to hear about the news to come!

Aleah said...

That shirt is really cute and your pregnant belly too, of course!

Next month you have to send me a front shot okay?!

Glad you found out you were anemic.
No fun, especially with a little one to run after this time around!
Hope the iron helps again!

Love, Aleah

Vicky said...

Cute top & belly.Can't wait to meet the little one in Feb :) See you guys soon


IslandMumma2Seven said...

i know tou think the photo is posey but i really like it you look like a a swedish model LOVE IT!!!

Jen said...

I love your pictures! Like Andi, I too would love to know where you got your cute shirt?! I'm so excited for you to have the baby...I feel like it's another boy! Love ya!

HolyMama! said...

i have no idea how you make pregnant look that good. it never looked like that on me!!

Elise said...

Not large. And I think you're lying about being 30 weeks. That's what I looked like at 20. :)
So exciting to have a date set - I remember how thrilling it was to count down the days to holding baby!

Munchkin Land said...

Amy, you do NOT have a huge stomach, just wait until you see my 30-week photo. (Will post soon.) You look absolutely amazing at 30 weeks and definitely have that beautiful, mother-to-be glow about you!!

February 6th, wow! Time sure is flying, isn't it?! I am so happy for you guys that you already know when you're going to be holding your little one in your arms. I'm with you, if my delivery was pre-planned to the minute like yours, I wouldn't find out the gender either. But since we don't have any say with this little guy shows up, we're still adding to the suspense. Maybe we'll give birth on the same day?!?

I agree with your sister, I really think you're having a girl. And if you do have a girl, I'm calling dibs on an arranged marriage between your daughter and my son. =) Wouldn't that be a hoot?! I really want to send you something for the baby but am debating between buying something unisex now, or waiting until we see what you're having and getting something gender-specific.

Thinking of you and thinking you looking amazing!!

Sue said...

Dearest Am,
Every time I see a post I am amazed at how fun it is to discover the latest news and thoughts from my daughter. It is the same with Kels and Andi. It is like opening a present! If we lived across the country (or world) from each other, I can only imagine how exciting and emotional posts would be.
We are so very eager to hold our third granddhcild on Feb. 6th!!!

Love Mom

ChupieandJ'smama said...

You look so cute! You look great for 30 weeks. I wish I could post a picture of what I looked like. You'd be frightened. I hope you feel better too. You are in the home stretch. Hang in there:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, just like last time, the most beautiful pregnant lady I have ever seen! I got your christmas card and love it! Thank you for still thinking of me, as I think of you all the time. My e-mail is the same, smithj33@hotmail.com Please e-mail address!!

Leigh Gray said...

You are a gorgeous Mommy to be and already mommy. Enjoyed your blog!!

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