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We recently were informed that our new baby's birthday will not be the 6th of February, but now the 7th of February! I love that we were informed of such a momentous occasion:) The reason? Well, my OB is taking every Tuesday off this winter to go skiing and the 6th falls on a Tuesday...so no go, of course. The schedulers were sort of rolling their eyes at the idea of rescheduling all of the Doc's planned surgeries for the winter. Oh well. I actually prefer the 7th, anyway. 2.7.07. Sort of has a nice ring to it! Aaaahhhhh.....so excited!

And I'm not just excited to meet the little one. I'm also looking forward to having my food to myself! I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to make myself look normal and healthy. The circles under my eyes are just plain scary and I look pale and run-down. No pregnancy glow here! My friend Julie recently sent me a picture of herself of when she was in her 3rd trimester with her second baby. Now, she looked like she was glowing! I wonder how she did that...? Julie, how did you do that? I'm about ready to give up on the makeup to make myself look presentable--it just isn't working. Any suggestions?


Ginainchina said...

amy, i just can't believe that you really look like what you say! you'd have to post a pic for me to believe it. you always look so pretty and fresh!!! COME ON!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Amy... I sent you that picture to show you how great you look... not to say "look at my glow" :) ha! I probably have a "glow" because I was 41 weeks pregnant, and I knew that I would meet this little one in a matter of days - that will put a "glow" into any Mama's face :) -- Thank you for the sweet comment though --and I have to say, from seeing you in person in October & through pictures on your blog - I always think you look amazing! You are a beautiful person both inside and out, make-up or no make-up, pregnant belly and all! :)
I agree 02/07/07 does have a nice ring to it!

Vicky said...

Can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew in Feb


Kelsey said...

Oh Sassypants, you are too hard on yourself. You are a beautiful woman 365 days a year! All you need is a little rest and you will have that "glow" back in no time. In fact, I can take Pike sometime this week so you can have an "Amy Day" if you want...maybe Tuesday or Wednesday? Even on your worst day I wish I could look half as good as you! I love you Mimes!


Munchkin Land said...

I have to agree with Kelsey, I'm sure a little rest is in order and you'll feel better about your looks in NO time! Give Parker to your sister for the afternoon and check in for a pedicure, it'll do wonders!! As far as I'm concerned, I think you look absolutely amazing for being in your third trimester!! I wish I could look like you... I agree, 2/7/2007 has a VERY nice ring to it. I can't wait to hear all about your little one.

I'm glad to hear that you all had a wonderful trip and that your absence was due to something fun. I was starting to get a little worried that maybe something unexpected happened. I'm sorry you were sick...

Andi said...

It was so fun to be able to spend so much time with you guys last week! We were sad to leave :( This morning I showed Audrey pictures from your blog of Parker and you- she did her typical little happy giggle when she saw Parker, but when she saw you she said, "Amy! Amy!" I didn't even know she knew your name!

And I know you don't feel cute right now, but seriously, you ALWAYS look beautiful! And I promise that I am not just saying that b/c you are my sister! :) Love you!

Aleah said...

That's kind of funny that a Doctor's skiing day can affect the birthday of a baby! February 7, 2007 does sound nice.

Glad you feel better (from the flu)!
Do you really have circles and look as ghostly as you say?! I'm trying to picture it! I'm sure you only look that way to yourself! Right?
You've got me worried! Now go eat some red meat and spinach!

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