We spent the 4th of July holiday with Joel's side of the family at the lake cabin. The lake and cabin are so beautiful--we feel so blessed to be able to enjoy the property with people we love.

Parker and I went up early so Parker enjoyed lots of time with family. Family members were so great to take care of Parker while I battled out my morning sickness:)

Parker had some new developments in his life over the time we spent at the lake. Here are a few...

  • He learned the word "boat" and the sound it makes
  • He found that he can entertain a large group of people with his dancing skills
  • He fell off the dock into the cold water with his daddy (with a life jacket, thank God!)
  • He learned where his eyes, ears, mouth and nose are located. Yep. He's not only found his nose, he's found his nostrils and that his fingers fit perfectly inside those little holes. This is the stage I've been in fear of since he was born! Disgusting!


Aleah said...

Ahhh...looks so peaceful!
Water, boating, docks with kids is a bit nerve wracking isn't it?!

From the Woodlands said...

Amy, this "cabin" is so beautiful! You must of had a wonderful time on the lake.

I'm glad Parker and Joel are ok after their dip in the drink!!

Water happens!

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